Are you ready for a TOURTASTIC encounter with the biggest fish of all over the planet?! Between June and September, this majestic giant whale shark arrives to our Mexican Caribbean ocean to eat plankton. We are very fortunate of sighting and visiting it!

We will pick you up around 6 am and drive to Cancun. We will hop on small boats (up to 10 people) to go and have a one-on-one swim with the whale shark. The name of this impressive fish comes from its shark-shaped fins and for its whale-size, but do not worry, it is only a big vegetarian and peaceful fish (Not recommended for pregnant woman or people with severe back problems).

Remember that the whale sharks are into the wild and they have their own journey, so there is not an exact time when we will see them, it can take between 1 or 2 hours for sighting them. We have to be patient! When we´ll find them, we will go into the water in pairs accompanied by the guide (snorkeling gear and life vest/wet suit is mandatory for this activity).

We MUST be respectful with these animals and NEVER touch them. Every pair will be able to swim three times during the activity. Nature is a blessing, and as a gift, we can also expect to see manta rays and dolphins!

Afterwards, we will head back to the shore to make a stop for some drinks, ceviche and sandwiches in one of the most precious beaches of Isla Mujeres.

By the end, we will drive back to Playa del Carmen to your hotel.

PICK UP TIME: around 6 am
DROP OFF TIME: between 2 and 4 pm

For this expedition you will need:

Flip flops
Swimming suit
Hat or cap
Mosquito repellent
Sun screen lotion
Money for tips and souvenirs

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”


As we work with small groups, reservation in advance is encouraged and recommended. Please contact us for pricing and further information.

Cell phone: +52 1 984 188 72 18 - E-mail: info@lamexicanaexperiences.mx